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Welcome to Smash Your Exams! We are here to help your child get the grades they need to move to the next level of their Journey. Please read below to get more information about our story and why you can trust us to help your child. 


With a combined experience of over 35 years in teaching Computer Science and ICT, we take pride in our exceptional track record. Our results demonstrate a level of progress that consistently exceeds standard expectations. Our progress scores, boasting a remarkable +1.55, signify that, on average, our students achieve 1.5 grades higher than their counterparts under typical instruction. In practical terms, if students would typically earn a grade 6 with other teachers, they are likely to attain a grade 8 with us.

Having successfully taught both A-level and GCSE courses for the past 8 years, our department has consistently achieved outstanding outcomes. Our GCSE results place us among the top 4% of the country, showcasing our commitment to excellence. Furthermore, our A-level results, ranking in the top 20% for progress, underscore our dedication to fostering continuous improvement.

When you entrust your child or student to us, you can be confident that they will receive the very best in education. Our proven success and commitment to progress ensure that each individual reaches their full potential under our guidance.

Meet The Team

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