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We understand that taking your GCSE Computer Science exams can be challenging but don’t worry, we are here to help. To get you started, we are offering you access to a range of free resources. These resources will give you a sample of the extensive materials we have on offer to maximise your chances of success.

You can also grab a copy of our Top Tips to ace your Computer Science exams here!


Each of these are the PDF versions. Please feel free to use / create your own based on these. If you would like a fully editable Microsoft Office version of these, please see our resources store.



Flashcards can be an incredibly effective way to stimulate your memory and encourage retention, which is why we have created our own set of flashcards exclusively for Unit 1.1 System Architecture.



This is an example of the knowledge organisers you can get from us to help learn key words and phrases to bring you exam success.

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This is an example of the retrieval grids we use to connect students to prior learning and future learning.

Click here to get a blank pdf copy.

Acing Your Component 1 Paper:

Join us in this free video as we navigate the world of GCSE Computer Science paper 1, unlocking the secrets to scoring that elusive grade 9!


In this video, we've got some awesome tips, tricks, and hacks to help you snag the highest grade imaginable. Get ready for an informative ride that'll make acing your exam feel like a breeze!  
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