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Number of challenges

Age Next Year

Create a program that asks the user for their age and then prints what their age will be next year.

1 Inputs and Outputs

Rectangle Area Calculator

Write a program that asks for the width and height of a rectangle and then calculates and prints the area.

1 Inputs and Outputs

Circle Circumference Calculator

Create a program that asks for the radius of a circle and calculates and prints the circumference.

1 Inputs and Outputs

Movie Duration in Hours

Write a program that converts a movie duration from minutes to hours and minutes.

1 Inputs and Outputs

Price with Tax Calculator

Develop a program that calculates the total price of an item after adding a sales tax percentage.

1 Inputs and Outputs

Movie Uppercase Challenge

Create a program that prompts the user for their favorite movie and displays the title in all capital letters.

2 String Manipulation

Website Lowercase Challenge

Update the program to request a website URL and show it entirely in lowercase.

2 String Manipulation

Book Title Length Challenge

Write a program that asks for a book title and outputs the total number of characters in it.

2 String Manipulation

Product Description Extractor

Develop a program that extracts and prints the first five characters from a given product description.

2 String Manipulation

Tweet End Extractor

Adjust the program to display the last twelve characters of a provided tweet using negative indexing.

2 String Manipulation

Paragraph Mid Extractor

Write a program that prints characters from position 10 to 20 of a given paragraph.

2 String Manipulation

Recipe Ingredient Finder

Create a program that finds the position of a specified ingredient in a recipe and displays its index.

2 String Manipulation

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